In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, we’d like to spotlight two of our amazing adoptive parents, Colin and Melissa Moore! After being a part of the Helping Hand Home family for several years, the Moore’s have some powerful insights about the world of being adoptive parents. Take a moment to learn about what the adoption process is like and how adoption affects both the children and the parents from people who have experienced it first hand.
The Moore’s became interested in adoption while hearing a particular sermon at church. After learning how to become an adoptive family, the Moore’s felt a sense of relief when they started their journey with Helping Hand Home. “The intense process that can feel so overwhelming went so smoothly due to the expertise and care put into it by staff. The trainings were helpful and the community was wonderful. Most of all, our case managers were always there with an actual helping hand and an incredible heart to go with it. Even in our lowest moment (tears, doubt, and confusion), they were there to listen. It was a fantastic journey, both times, with them to guide and support us.” Melissa said when reflecting on the adoption process.
Colin and Melissa have adopted through HHH twice. When asked how adoption has affected their family, they said, “My children’s lives have been positively impacted by having a beautiful picture, from the beginning, of how families can look so different. Being a family with all different colors of skin has been an incredible way to teach my children that families can be made in all different ways and look so different, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are family. We take joy in each other’s differences and have had great discussions at such young ages about those differences that created for my children a “normalization” of blended families. It has created an empathy in them at such a young age that is demonstrated in their daily lives.”
Many people who first become interested in adoption would like to know what it’s like.  In their words, “Being an adoptive parent means being vulnerable, humble, brave and learning to depend on others when you need it.  Being an adoptive parent means having unique stories of love, patience, fear, and joy that come from places most others won’t go. Being an adoptive parent means stepping out in faith despite your fear to love a child in a way you’ve never imagined. Having children, in general, is experiencing a love that is so emotionally debilitating at times, but then to add all the different variables that play into adoption… well, that love and fear can be overwhelming and really incredible.”
When asked what advice they have for others considering adoption, the Moore’s said, “Go ride a roller coaster blindfolded. This is what the process will feel like. You’ll have no clue what’s coming. You’ll smile, laugh, sometimes your stomach will drop and fear will set in. The love for these children is powerful and intense but goodness it’s worth every moment. Talk to lots of other families who’ve done this- lots. Your heart will never really be prepared, but hearing different stories will give you a better understanding.”
We are so grateful to the Moore’s and all our foster and adoptive families who have opened their hearts and their homes to children who need them the most. If you would like to learn more about adoption, click here.