Placing a Child

Children who are appropriate for our care

  • Boys and girls, ages 5 – 12
  • Children with a minimum IQ of 70
  • Children who are unable to thrive and remain safe in a home setting
  • Children dealing with a variety of diagnoses, including depression, bipolar disorder, adjustment disorder, dissociative disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, reactive attachment disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder

Children not appropriate for our care

  • Children with IQ′s below 70
  • Those in need of immediate, same-day placement
  • Actively psychotic
  • Requiring substance abuse treatment

Place a Child

To have a child considered for placement, please fill out the application here and email Jamie Lounsbury at Jamie can also be reached for any questions at (512) 600-7896, however, email is preferred.