Open Doors With Your Heart

Volunteers play an integral role in the healing process at Helping Hand Home. The children in our care have experienced violations of trust from adults & peers around them. This relational trauma requires relational healing. While at HHH children learn to trust again by building safe, healthy, and authentic connections to adult caregivers & peers. Volunteer engagement extends this newfound trust to the world beyond Helping Hand, showing children that there are safe & caring individuals in our community and beyond.

You can provide hope and love in a child’s life by becoming an HHH Volunteer!

Off-Site Volunteer Opportunities

Although our campus is closed to visitors, we are still in need of volunteer assistance. During social distancing, we are offering ways to help HHH from the comfort of your home. Contact Jasmin Reardon, the Volunteer & Enrichment Manager for more information, at 512-454-9806 or jreardon@helpinghandhome.org

Christmas Giving Guidelines

Please read this information sheet about our giving guidelines this holiday season.

Volunteer Opportunities

Homework Helpers
Assist children with schoolwork and help develop academic skills, such as reading and writing.

Bedtime Readers
Help children feel safe and secure at bedtime by reading stories to them as they fall asleep.

Volunteer Groups
Facilitate special events and activities on campus for the children, such as carnivals, field days, arts and crafts projects, sporting events, performances, and workshops.

Activities Volunteer
Play with the children during after-school hours, 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on weekends. You will be trained in a number of playground games you may use, and you will also assist with any activities that are happening at the Home.

Group Service Opportunities
Group or individual volunteers may also perform hand-on service (wash vans, bike maintenance, grounds beautification, inventory, library organization, etc.), organize a drive (see Wish List for more info), or sponsor an activity for our kids within the community (trip, performance, baseball game, circus, museum, movie, etc).

Wind Down Helpers
Support the homes during this mellow time of day by helping prepare for bedtimes, eat dinner, straighten the home, do bedtime routines, etc.


Steps To Becoming a Volunteer

  • Commit to at least one hour a week of service for a minimum of six months (NOTE: Your 6 months of service do not have to be consecutive and you are NOT limited to 6 months)
  • Fill out and submit a volunteer application (via email or US mail)
  • Attend one of the two available Volunteer Information Sessions as arranged by the Volunteer Manager.
  • At the information session, the Volunteer Manager will schedule an interview with you. Please bring any calendar information you might have to this session to help facilitate this process.
  • After your interview, you will complete a background check, drug screening and Tuberculosis testing.
  • Attend one of the two available Volunteer Orientations as arranged by the Volunteer Manager.
  • Once all testing has been cleared, you will be given a log-in number and home assignment.

Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years of age. Please note, we do not fulfill court-ordered community service requests.

Thank you for your interest in helping our children.

Jasmin Reardon, MA | Volunteer & Enrichment Manager – (512) 600-6053 | SEND EMAIL

Individual Volunteer Application

Group Volunteer Application