Kristin Finan, reporter for the Austin Statesman and Helping Hand Home foster parent, adopted her son on November 3, 2017: the day of the 16th annual Austin Adoption Day. We are so blessed to have the Finans as foster parents and advocates of Helping Hand Home. Congratulations Finans, on your very special addition to your forever family!

“On Thursday, he used that voice inside a courtroom at Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center at the 16th annual Austin Adoption Day to tell the judge he wanted to be part of our “forever family.” Austin Adoption Day is part of a nationwide effort to celebrate families that are welcoming new members from foster care and to draw attention to the continuing need for foster and adoptive homes; we were among 30 families who adopted a total of 44 children at this year’s event.”

To read Kristin’s story in the Austin Statesman, click here.