“Over Sonic milkshakes and swimming pool visits, we’d plan out fishing trips and talk about our hopes for the future. Because he had moved around so much, he was behind in school and took multiple pills a day for ailments he couldn’t name. Sometimes, he said, other kids would make fun of him for being a foster kid.”  — Kristin Finan (A little boy, a promise, and a foray into fostering) 

We are truly honored to share part one of a four part series featured in the Austin American-Statesman in coordination with National Foster Care Month. Not only are these stories heroic in nature, but they also depict true life circumstances, with an in-depth, vulnerable examination of children and families involved in the foster care system. Join us as we read along with one of our very own foster parents, Kristin Finan, who writes and details her own story amongst the many others in this series. Thank you, Kristin, for shedding light on what we hope to help every day.

To read part one, click here.