“She arrived on a Friday night wearing a polka-dot party dress that was two sizes too big, her hair just washed in a bathroom sink by the CPS caseworker who had been watching her for six hours as calls went out to see if any foster homes could take her. The caseworker had wanted to make her look more presentable, so that when she arrived, we wouldn’t turn her away.” –Kristin Finan (Accusations, Surprises And A New Definition of Motherhood)

It comes as no surprise that the life of a foster family is not simple, without frustration, pain, and many times, not without heartache. Yet, Helping Hand Home is blessed with foster parents like Kristin Finan, who have persevered through fear and false accusations, leaving her and her family with nothing but love for the children they care for. Click here to read part two of the four part series featured in the Austin American-Statesman, written by our very own Kristin Finan, and honoring National Foster Care Month.