“I, too, worked to adjust to my new role as a mom of four, which included sleeping in two-hour increments, researching minivans at 4 a.m. and searching constantly for my keys, which were invariably still in the front door where I had left them the night before. It was juggling work and day care and doctor’s appointments and visits with their biological parents and counting to make sure four kids were in the car before we went anywhere. It was chaos, but for the most part, it was happy chaos.”  — Kristan Finan (Learning to Love and Lose as Foster Parents)

Our foster parents are far beyond superheroes. They are courageous, selfless, caring individuals. They take on lives of constant transition, heartbreak, loss, fear, and adjustment to what could be a beautiful beginning or difficult goodbye. Kristan and her family fulfill all that we can ask from our foster families: they make hope happen. We have been following Kristan’s four part series featured in the Austin American-Statesman. Click here to read the third installment.