If you had told me a year ago this would be my life, there is no way I would have believed it. Enemies turned family. Strangers turned sons. Promises turned reality. Life can be so crazy. And so beautiful. Through it all, I think I’ve learned something. Maybe, for every crushing heartbreak we endure, there’s a tiny seed of hope behind it, just waiting to reveal itself.” –Kristan Finan (Unexpected Bond Changes Foster Parents’ Understanding of Family) 

We have read her family’s heartbreaks, hardships, and triumphs. Each part of Kristan’s story has brought clarity and bafflement of the life of foster families. We are incredibly honored to be a part of Kristan’s story and so grateful she decided to share it with the world. We cannot think of a better way to end such an important month for Helping Hand Home and all the children currently looking for forever families than the final addition of her story. Click here to read part four of the four part series featured in the Austin American-Statesman in coordination with National Foster Care Month by HHH foster parent, Kristan Finan.