Throughout this month for National Foster Care Month, we are going to shine the spotlight on some of our incredible families by sharing their journey and how they created a loving forever home for children in foster care.

In 2009, Krista and her husband Larry adopted three siblings with the help from our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter, Grace. Turning their family of six, into a family of nine. The three siblings, Steven, Celeste, and Elijah were in foster care for four years, which came with some hurdles to jump once they were home. “For many weeks, we made beds on the living room floor so they could all fall asleep together while watching Veggie Tales. Then, we would transfer them to bed. Their trauma ran deep.”, Krista says. With their passion to be parents and with the support from their recruiter, Grace, they never gave up and continue to be a “fast-paced, active, God-loving, gospel-sharing, animal-loving, board-game-playing, movie-binging, love-one-another, forgive-along-the-way family.”

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