For 1,445 days Mark and Anna Polanco opened their home and their hearts to 17 different children with varying histories, behaviors, and needs. All of these children had two things in common. Whether short or long term, they all needed safe and loving adults to care for them and a place to call home. The Polanco’s have given that and so much more to children in the Texas Foster Care system. After four years filled with laughter, love, tears, heartbreak, dedication, and commitment, Mark and Anna Polanco officially became the proud parents of Caleb, Faith, and Grace. March 24, 2017 was not only a life changing day for three precious children, but for two dedicated and selfless foster parents as well.

Mark and Ana Polanco were recently featured in Community Impact Newspaper in an article celebrating their commitment to children in need and discussing the growing need for foster families, adoptive parents, and Court Appointed Special Advocates in Central Texas.

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Photo Credit: Jessica Klima Photography