Dear Friends of Helping Hand Home,

During these uncertain times, the health and safety of our children and the families we serve at Helping Hand Home remain our top priority. Our children continue to receive the best care in our residential treatment center here in Hyde Park and in our foster and adoptive families throughout the Central Texas community.  For now, practicing social distancing is key to keeping the children and our community safe, which is why we have closed our campus to visitors. 

I am proud to say that our staff and foster parents remain our greatest asset.  They are handling the situation with grace, patience, and empathy.  As they model behavior for our children, we are grateful for their emotional and physical resilience. They are also key in maintaining a sense of normalcy within our doors here as well as in our foster and adoptive homes.  Under their care, our children are playing games and riding bikes. They are drawing, reading books, playing on their computers, and listening and dancing to music – the very same things a family would do.

As news continue to evolve around COVID-19, we will keep you updated on any changes or needs that may arise for our children and families.

In the meantime, we remain committed to serving the most vulnerable children in our state.  Thank you for your support and prayers at this time.


Ted Keyser

Executive Director