Helping Hand Home is the oldest continuously operating residential childcare agency in Travis County and a priceless resource kept strong and viable through community support. Helping Hand Home for Children provides a safe haven for children healing from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment.

With private and community support, we give children and families the best in care through a highly educated staff, low child-to-staff ratio and a comprehensive approach to healing. This approach helps children whose young lives were once filled with fear, pain and chaos learn to reclaim their childhood and trust adults to take care of them.

Residential Treatment Program

The Home’s residential treatment component provides a safe and nurturing environment for children who have experienced the darker side of childhood. We have one of only a few treatment centers in the United States dedicated to serving young children who have experienced severe physical, sexual and emotional trauma. Click here to learn more.

Pearson Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption

The Pearson Therapeutic Foster Care Program was founded in 1995 on the belief that a loving home can save a child. Our foster care program serves children from birth to 18 years old, some of whom need treatment services but can function successfully in a foster home with specially trained and supported foster parents. HHH is also licensed to perform adoptions. Click here to learn more.

Helping Hand Home/ UT Charter School

The Charter School provides on-site specialized education services for up to 24 of the Home’s children. The teachers and staff work to develop individual learning strategies for children with significant behavioral and academic challenges.